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  1. greenmeanie

    Vintage Computer Festival East

    Vintage Computer Festival East is May 3-4-5 at the InfoAge Science & History Center in Wall, New Jersey. This year’s show features keynotes by Unix co-inventor Ken Thompson (who’ll be interviewed on stage by Brian Kernighan), Atari/Amiga engineer Joe Decuir, and Usenet developer / computer...
  2. greenmeanie

    Old Computers Wanted

    We are always looking for OLD Computers. EX: Altos 5-15 A/D Altos ACS 8000-2 Apple II Apple II Plus Apple //c Apple IIe Apple IIe Platinum Apple III Apple Lisa 2 Apple Macintosh Apple Macintosh Portable Apple PowerBook 170 ASR 33 Teletype Atari 400 Atari 800 Bondwell 2 Coleco Adam Columbia VP...